Site7 SMS offers its clients messaging services that are suitable for mission critical environments. Our range of services includes:

  • Inbound SMS – refers to SMS Mobile Originated (SMS-MO) messages i.e. messages can be generated from end-users handset and sent to a specific long number (with international accessibility) on our gateway which is then transmitted to client application.
  • Out-bound SMS – refers to SMS Mobile Terminated (SMS-MT) messages i.e. messages are sent from a client application (Web or Desktop Client) through our sms gateway (using HTTP, XML, SMPP connectivity layers) to the end-users handset.
  • 2way SMS – is the seamless combination of our inbound & outbound SMS services. This provides an avenue for reliable sending and receiving of SMS to/from applications/users under a one package.
  • Bulk messaging – an effective and cheap communication tool to send out information to a large recipient group simultaneously and instantly.
  • Managed Send – a service where we assist busy clients in managing their bulk messaging campaigns.


  • Low cost SMS solution
  • Zero setup fees/subscription charges
  • Worldwide coverage – over 700 network operators in 150 countries
  • Push & Pull Gateway
  • Numeric or Alphanumeric Sender ID - Brand SMS messages with your own sender ID
  • Message types – Normal GSM Text, Binary and Flash messaging
  • Long or Concatenated SMS support
  • Guaranteed delivery rates within 15 seconds
  • Bulk messaging platform with addressbook feature
  • Throughput of 50 - 100 SMS/sec
  • High Bulk send capacity (up to 300,000 SMS per single send)
  • Connectivity via HTTP, XML and SMPP layers
  • Full featured direct SMSC/SS7 link connectivity – ensures quality & reliability of service